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“We will help you find the pieces of the puzzle that the underwriter needs and help you assemble them to show the complete picture of your client”


Successful issuance of insurance policies requires that the different pieces an underwriter reviews before making an offer are complete, aligned and show a complete picture of the insured’s profile and the need for insurance is well defined.  It should also demonstrate that the applicant has the financial ability to afford the solution.  The tools available here are to assist you in gathering these pieces and helping create that picture.  We proactively look for newer tools and provide them to you to reduce the underwriting timelines and hassle free process for you and your customer.

Whether it is getting a preliminary offer for an impaired risk client to writing a cover letter or helping set up paramed exams, we help with as much or as little help you need in getting your policies issued.

You can look up build charts, underwriting guideline and requirements or specific risk questionnaire.  Proper pre underwriting or field underwriting helps eliminate declines and not taken policies as well as underwriting delays.